Why boost your immune system?

Let’s be honest most of us are not eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and refraining from drinking and smoking–if this is the case your immune system is likely compromised!

Even if you are young and don’t have any medical conditions–if you are not providing your body with proper nourishment and bombarding it with oxidant radicals from sendentary lifestyle, smoking and drinking–your immune system is likely compromised. And in these trying times it’s more important than ever to have a robust immune system.

So what is an immune system and how can we make sure it’s strong? Your immune system is your bodies built-in mechanism to fight off illness and keep you healthy! Yes your body already has everything it needs to keep you healthy and prevent sickness all you have to do is provide proper fuel so these processes can work optimally and not degrade the system by ingesting toxins by smoking, excessive drinking and poor diet.

So if you are concerned about the corona virus, if you are concerned about your health, if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle and model a better standard of living this is a good place to start. So what do I do?

Drink your vitamins! Your immune system benefits from vitamins especially vitamin C which is found highly in fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to take a pill just incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. An easy way for me to do this is in the form of a smoothie. Hide those veggies in your smoothie! Even your husband and kids will eat vegetables if they can’t taste them hidden in a delicious smoothie. The fruits highest in vitamin C are oranges and kiwi. I will list the best fruit and supplement options at the end from a previous post.

My favorite ingredients for my daily immune boost smoothies are strawberries, oranges, spinach and blueberries. To switch it up I may swap in bananas, pineapples, apples, kiwi, broccoli or whatever other fresh fruits and veggies I have available they all taste great! Fruits have naturally occurring sugars so you don’t have to add sweeteners. You can add protein powder to those or your vitamins (I add my nutraburst vitamins)–mix it up creative and have fun with it. Get a good blender and your on your way to a healthier lifestyle!

My immune boost smoothie is not a drink to have alongside more food–it’s a meal replacement–to have instead of solid food while fasting! #CHEATCODE

Smoothie are a great healthy liquid to have instead of food while fasting. If your fasting for weight loss add more vegetables for fiber and choose fruits that aren’t so sweet to minimize calorie intake (like bananas, melon, blueberry). The more vegetables the more filling and the more detox properties because that fiber makes you poop. I only use fresh ingredients because frozen ingredients typically have more sugar additives and preservatives.

Blend somethings up today! Tag me, send me a picture we are on this healthy lifestyle journey together!

What else can you do to nourish your body? Drink nutrient packed teas, I usually do this at bedtime with ginger, chamomile, honey, lime, tumeric or other healthy tea options. Many healthy ingredients can be found in tea form.

Proven Foods & Supplement to boost your immune system and protect against COVID19:

Full video here:




Vitamin k

Broccoli sprouts



Green tea

Raw honey





Oregano oil


Vitamin D





Vitamin C


Mushrooms (AHCC, host defense)


Magic bullet blender


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