Fasting for Spiritual Reasons

I first started fasting during a difficult period in my life. I was going through a lot and my mind felt very conflicted and confused. I had racing thoughts, I was anxious all the time. I lacked direction, vision, motivation and all the other things that had previously rooted and defined me. Everything that I thought made me who I am and gave me value fell apart. Needless to say my world was turned upside down and I needed to start over fresh. I needed to regain myself. I needed to get in touch with what was really important to me. I needed to become a better version of myself.

I literally started looking up self help online and talking to friends and family to pick their brains. I started reading motivational books and videos for inspiration and started journaling my thoughts. I will share what books I read below if you’re interested.

One book in particular was called THE SECRET. I liked it and some of its ideas really resonated with me. But I quickly realized it was a watered-down version of the Bible’s teachings that I grew up learning. I started reading my bible more. I wanted to gain first hand knowledge and decide for myself. I started going to church more. And I started praying more.

I didn’t know how to really pray or if I was doing it right but I was acknowledging God everyday and saying thank you. Those moments of expressing gratitude everyday began to spark a life altering change in my mindset. I began redeveloping my relationship with God that was on the back burner for many years while I was in medical school. I was beginning to rewire my thinking. The racing negative thoughts and anxiety began to subside. I was beginning to have more clarity and peace of mind.

I spoke to my mother about this and she recommended I added fasting to my prayer life for more focus and clarity. She explained that sacrificing so-called pleasures of life–specifically food–would indicate to God that I was really serious about connecting with him in prayer. And that whatever it is that I was praying about was so important to me that it warranted sacrifice. I heard about fasting in church, came across it in the Bible and I witnessed my mom and aunts fasting, but I didn’t really understand. I tried it anyway. I decided I would only have liquids all day until 5pm, then I would have dinner. This was a huge sacrifice for a greedy island girl like me whose only outlets were food and drink, it was difficult at first but I had purpose to drive me.

During the fasting period I would go about my usual activities but I would make a point to be mindful of God. In the morning before starting my day I prayed, read my devotional, journaled and listened to praise and worship music (and sang–I’m a terrible singer). This was my sacrifice of praise. If I didn’t know what to pray or journal I would just make notes from my devotional and express gratitude to God for every single person and thing I could think of. Just say thank you God! It shouldn’t be that hard to think of a reason to say thank you, and if it is maybe you should change your mindset about gratitude. Stop being so self you didn’t get here on your own, come outside of yourself and look around you.

I started my day feeling happy, positive and uplifted. For me this is important when fasting because that moment with God before starting my day was my portion that sustained me throughout my entire day while fasting. I distracted myself from thinking about food to focusing on God–and drinking tons of water!

I did this everyday and it changed my life. I was able to better control my anxious thoughts, dismiss and subdue them. I had positive thoughts to replace them! I felt lighter and free after detoxing my body of all the mostly bad foods I was eating day in and day out. I didn’t need them. Those were excess calories, not nutrients. My body, mind and spirit needed nourishment. We have to realize that we are not only a body but a mind and a soul. We have to care for all parts of ourself to have peace.

Nowadays we are so superficial all we care about is the outside while the inside is a toxic wasteland. We have to heal ourselves from inside out. We have to first control our minds before we can control what we put in our bodies. Yes I lost a lot of unhealthy weight while fasting but that mental baggage was the most freeing.

You are not a prisoner to food. You have control over your mind and what you put into your body. The main thing that fasting taught me was DISCIPLINE. We have been brainwashed to believe that we must over indulge in everything, everything must be done to excess and the minute we have to deny ourself something we are depriving ourself and suffering. We have no self control. This is a totally warped world we are living in. All we care about is more, more, more without appreciating what we already have. We have to change our minds to change our lives. I’m not perfect, I’m just sharing my experience and how it helped me, it will help you too if you give it an honest try. Start by putting yourself first today. What do you really NEED to survive? The needs that you already have, start appreciating them today. Show gratitude for your body and the life you were given by taking care of it! Take care of yourself. If you don’t know how, find out! Doing what culture or tradition tells you to do just because that’s the way it’s always been done out of fear of being different is a bad excuse.

Start with your mind first. Pray for peace of mind and clarity of vision–I promise God will answer you. Your dreams will manifest before your very eyes. You may not even know what they are when you see them but grab hold of it.

I fasted everyday for many months, I took a break on weekends. I still fast as needed to this day. I didn’t tell anyone I was fasting or the reasons why. It wasn’t for them, I was doing it for me. I lost weight, looked and felt great, my anxiety was gone and suddenly an old colleague reached out to me about a job opportunity. My prayers were answered! You can do whatever you set your mind to. Imagine what you can do if you can first control your mind, body and soul.

Motivational authors/books

The secret

T.D. jakes

Et the hip hop preacher

Ben Carson

Les Brown

Joyce Meyers


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