Oatmeal bowls to break your fast!

🥣Oatmeal bowl:

🍲Oatmeal is high in fiber and a great way to break your fast gently and keep you full!

📛High fiber meals stretch your stomach receptors and tell your brain that you are full, killing hunger! It also stimulates bowel movements to help with detox. .

♨️Oats are also a high glycemic index carb so your body more readily burns the crabs off instead of storing it as fat like it would low glycemic index carbs.

🥥Top with goodies like fruits, peanut butter or yogurt for added vitamins, especially vitamin c and nourishment! Be creative. Make it a fun healthy treat!

Who else loves oatmeal bowls?👇🏻

‼️Tag me in your oatmeal pics on Instagram for a repost! @fastingcheatcode


🍎Chalicia Misick, MD👩🏽‍⚕️Preventative Medicine Advocate📲Download FREE Fasting & Plant Based Guides⬇️ #PlantBased #IntermittentFasting #Mindset #HealthHacks

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