About Me

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Chalicia is a 30 something year old mother and wife—she’s interested in all things health and science especially fasting and weight loss—she’s a sci fi nerd who loves the beach and spending time with family and friends.

I love meeting with and helping to care for fasting clients. I am honored to join them on their journey towards improving their physical appearance, bettering their health and boosting their confidence! Some patients have already been working on their bodies for many years—especially after pregnancies—and they just want to feel like themselves again. This is a struggle many of us can relate to and I am happy to partner with them in achieving their ultimate body goal in a safe and caring environment. Fasting clients are catered to on a regular basis—these clients become like family to me and many of them I get to know personally—as they continue to work on themselves and refer others who need help as well. To be an exceptional partner with these clients is truly my sole professional goal. A virtual environment where this can be done in a safe and caring way, wherein I can work hands-on. I am a lifelong learner and I truly love to teach and educate clients—wherein I have the opportunity to continue to build my knowledge and experience and ultimately become an expert in my field.