Never Fat Again Fast—CHEATCODE #3

—CHEATCODE #3: I drink 2 liters of water everyday.

—Their are many reasons obviously why it’s important to drink lots of water daily, but specifically when fasting for long periods of time it is very important to stay well hydrated.

—The main reason for me why water and fluids are important during this fast is because it keeps your stomach full— as long as your stomach is stretched out with water it will not send empty signals to your brain asking you to eat—simple!

—Also drinking lots of water makes you pee and poop a lot which is great detox to get extra weight off —from water weight and bulky stools just sitting in your gut making you bloated and heavy.

—Yes you can drink all the water (and fluids) you want while on my fast. I prefer to use a single 2 liter bottle as opposed to drinking multiple small bottles or cups because you have to keep track of how much of those you’re drinking.

—I drink the majority of my water during the day so that I’m not up all night peeing! If you don’t like water add other fluids— I like zero calorie Gatorade, sparkling water, aloe water and coconut water.

For my next CHEATCODE check back on Sunday😌


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