Intro (Part 2)—Never Be Fat Again Cheat Codes to Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting?

I tried different things including cardio and low carb dieting but the only thing that truly worked to take the weight off and keep it off was intermittent fasting!

Intermittent fasting is my cheat code to maintaining my goal body weight—never being fat again and trimming weight quickly for special occasions.

I learned about fasting oddly from my mother who encouraged me to fast for spiritual reasons—the gist is to show God you are serious about what you’re praying for you sacrifice eating by fasting for a period of time, coupled with prayer and reading the Bible—this is not a religious post don’t run off— but anyway that’s how I began dabbling in fasting. I noticed that I dropped a lot of weight quickly doing this without even trying in a short period of time and I liked the way I looked!

So what is intermittent fasting and what are my tips to getting started for newbies?

Intermittent basically means—not continuously and fasting basically means—not eating.

Okay, I know not eating may sound scary—trust me, I love to eat and I love to eat junk food, soul food, especially island food— but stick with me— my cheat code will allow you to drop weight like never before, keep it off and never be fat again!—while still eating all the foods you love!

So how do you still eat whatever you want while fasting and lose about 10lbs every month doing it? Enter my cheat code!

How to get started?

First of all—change your mindset—this is not a lose weight quick scheme —this is a healthy lifestyle change for the better— once you get this weight off through my method, you will never gain it back, you will maintain that healthy weight and never be fat again!

Next, you have to learn the habits that I’m going to teach you—and stick to them consistently.

I do these things every single day —easily— because they are now healthy habits, engrained into my usual day to day lifestyle. I fast every single day—even without trying and sometimes I actually have to force myself to eat— yes, it’s that easy to fast.

As a beginner —I would recommend starting by fasting once a week for a few hours, then every other day —before trying it everyday.

So what is my specific, step by step daily routine? Check back Sunday to find out😌



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